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In some of my studies I aggregated individual level responses to social environmental items to the neighbourhood level using an ecometrics approach. Normally such items are aggregated by using the average value of the participants living in a neighbourhood. However this approach has several drawbacks. For instance it is likely that perceptions of the social environment are influenced by individual characeteristics. Moreover, the reliability of this measure depends on the number of participants living in each neighbourhood; therefore the reliability of an average value differs between neighbourhoods. Finally, the items are liley dependent on each other (i.e. nested within individuals). The ecometrics approach overcomes these limitations.

However, the approach is was quite laboursome. It involved switching between SPSS (or your other favourite package), Excel, MlWiN - exporting results and merging this in SPSS, checking the Hox Reliability in Excel. And if you are unlucky, start all over again. I was asked by a lot of people to compute the NSC for them. Everytime I had to do this, it took me at least 4 hours. Now I wrote a syntax which does all steps in one go, in one package: STATA. It is a beta version, so please report any bugs to me. 

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